Klimrijk Brabant is open on a limited basis this winter. Please contact us at info@libemafunfactory.nl or at 088-9000360 for the possibilities.

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Sustainability is an important topic for Klimrijk Brabant. Read on this page what Klimrijk is doing to contribute to a good environment.

Green key

Green Key is the international quality mark for sustainable companies. Klimrijk Brabant is committed to achieving this quality mark. View Klimrijk's CSR declaration here.

Klimrijk Brabant

Klimrijk Brabant is built in the green surroundings of the Kempen. For the climbing park, use was made of the existing trees on the site of Klimrijk Brabant. In order not to damage these trees in their growth, Klimrijk Brabant was built in a very innovative way. The platforms and attachments are able to grow with the trees. This can be done by adjusting the platforms and attachments during the trees' growth period so that the tree can continue to grow. This system was specially designed for Klimrijk by the constructor Active Construction.


At the Klimrijk Brabant catering point, Puro Fairtrade coffee and Lipton Rainforest Alliance tea are served. So at our location you can enjoy delicious hot drinks responsibly and sustainably. In addition to sustainable coffee and tea, there are of course other sustainable products available at Klimrijk Brabant.

Energy saving

One of the components of Green Key Certification is the drawing up of an energy-saving plan. At Klimrijk all light sources are being replaced by energy-efficient LED lights that are switched off when not in use. In addition, Engie supplies Sustainable Green Energy, which Klimrijk uses.

Waste management

An important part of sustainable business practice is the conscious handling of waste materials that are released in the operation of the site. We work together with a reputable waste partner, namely RENEWI. An important part is the separation of various types of waste and processing based on reuse. We use paper with the FSC quality mark, and we also work digitally as much as possible and discourage the unnecessary printing of documents and e-mails.


Water consumption is being reduced in all areas. For example, all toilets have so-called flush-stop mechanisms and are set for minimum consumption. All water taps are limited and operate at minimum consumption.


All cleaning products and materials bear the EU Ecolabel and are therefore 100% environmentally friendly. Accessories such as cloths are washed and reused. Hand soap and toilet paper are also environmentally friendly.

Stichting Het Vergeten Kind (The Forgotten Child Foundation)

Klimrijk Brabant supports The Forgotten Child Foundation. During the holiday weeks, children who are camping with the Forgotten Child Foundation can use the ecologically sustainable climbing park free of charge.

Step by step to a better world

Klimrijk Brabant sees Corporate Social Responsibility as making conscious choices to achieve a balance between "People, Planet and Profit". Klimrijk hereby takes responsibility for the effects of its business activities on people and the environment.