Vrouw klimt op het klimparcours van Klimrijk

Group activities

Discover the best group activities

Looking for an active group outing? Discover the best activities in Brabant! Come climbing together, outdoor laser gaming, or take a ride on an e-kickbike through the woods and much more. Discover all the possibilities.

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  • Kinderen aan het outdoor lasergamen bij Klimrijk Brabant

    Children's parties

    Are you having a birthday soon? Celebrate a sporty children's party in the woods of Klimrijk! Come climb or play laser tag with your friends during your birthday party. End this fantastic day with a delicious feast.

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  • School trips

    Experience the most fun day out with your class. During your school trip, come climb on one of the various climbing courses, compete with each other in an exciting game of laser tag or go on an adventurous GPS walking tour.

  • Vrouw speelt djenga tijdens Expeditie Buitenjan bij Klimrijk Brabant

    Group possibilities

    Organize an active family day, friends outing or company outing at Klimrijk. Discover the most adventurous indoor and outdoor activities for young and old such as climbing, a tour on an e-kickbike, a GPS walking tour, laser gaming and more.

Broodje gezond op het terras van het restaurant van Klimrijk Brabant

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