Een jongen en meisje klimmen bij Klimrijk

School trips

An adventurous and active school trip

Go on an active school trip and have the best day out. Come climbing with your class on one of the various climbing courses or compete with each other in camouflage during outdoor laser gaming. In addition to the standard school trips that we offer below, you can also put together your own school trip. Discover all the possibilities in our brochure.

Kinderen aan het klimmen op klimwand van klimparcours bij Klimrijk Brabant
Kinderen aan het outdoor lasergamen bij Klimrijk Brabant
Kind op touwbrug van klimparcours bij Klimrijk Brabant
Jongen en meisje zitten met gps tijdens gps-wandeltocht bij Klimrijk Brabant
Kinderen aan het blaaspijpschieten bij Klimrijk Brabant
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The most fun school trip for elementary and middle school

From a school trip for toddlers to a school trip for high school students, Klimrijk Brabant offers various courses where you decide how challenging the route will be. It is also possible to come laser gaming in the woods or go on a joint adventure during the GPS walking tour.

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Options & Prices

At Klimrijk Brabant you have the choice of a standard school trip or you can put together your own school trip based on our brochure. More information about the standard arrangements can be found in the price table.

School trip on the climbing course

Kom met de klas klimmen op het klimparcours en ervaar de adrenalinekick!

School trip 'De boom in'



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Volwassenen aan het lasergamen in de Battle Arena van Klimrijk Brabant

Groups activities

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Kinderen klimmen op de klimwand bij het Pico-parcours bij Klimrijk Brabant

Children parties

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