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Klimrijk outdoor archerytag buiten volwassene helm

Outdoor archery tag

Discover the adventure of outdoor archery tag

Join your friends in the adventurous outdoor archery tag. Try to eliminate the opponent with your bow and arrow. Discover the different game variants and take on the challenge!

  • 8+ years old
  • From 8 persons
  • Duration 60 minutes
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About outdoor archery tag

Outdoor archery tag is a group activity for the more fearless among us. You don't play this activity with balls, but you shoot arrows at each other with a bow. Of course, these are special safety arrows with a soft head. Archery tag can be seen as a combination of dodgeball and archery. When you've hit all opponents with an arrow, you've won!

Discover outdoor archery tag

Before the game starts, two teams are created. The objective of the game is to eliminate the opponent as quickly as possible with your bow and arrow. There are various ways of trying to win with your team. There are also various forms of play, one of which is, for example, hitting all the goals. All in all, archery tag is an exciting game for you and your friends.

Klimrijk outdoor archerytag volwassenen buiten schieten helm

Good to know

Outdoor archery tag can only be reserved for groups of 8 or more people. Want even more of a challenge? Outdoor archery tag can be ideally combined with climbing in the climbing park, laser tag or quad biking.

Klimrijk outdoor archerytag buiten volwassene pijl boog

Possibilities & prices

Dare to go into battle?


  • use of a mask and bow and arrow

Pricing outdoor archery tag:

  • Pricing 1 hour outdoor archery tag: €17,00 per person

It is also possible to book an additional hour of Netten Adventure for only €7.50 per person extra.

Veelgestelde vragen

Welke kleding kan ik het beste aan doen voor Outdoor archery tag?

Het wordt aangeraden om dichte schoenen te dragen i.v.m. boomstammen, wortels etc. Sportieve makkelijk zittende kleding is het fijnst. Lange haren in een staart of knotje is het prettigst i.v.m. het dragen van de helm. Sieraden dragen wordt afgeraden, bij sieraden moet je denken aan oorbellen (knopjes niet), ringen, kettingen, armbanden en horloges.

Hoe lang duurt outdoor archery tag?

De activiteit outdoor archery tag duurt 60 minuten.

Vanaf hoeveel personen is het mogelijk om outdoor archery tag te spelen?

Outdoor archery tag is te boeken vanaf 8 personen.

Wat is een geschikte leeftijd om outdoor archery tag te doen?

Deze activiteit is te boeken vanaf 8 jaar.

Wat zijn de tarieven voor de activiteiten bij Klimrijk Brabant?

Deze kun je hier per activiteit bekijken.

What's the advantage of booking online?

The advantage of booking online is that you’re always sure of the climbing time you’ve booked. The time block you book is fixed and you are sure to be able to climb that day.

What if I don’t have a printer or can’t print the confirmation?

You can write down the reservation number and bring it with you on the day. If you have internet access on your mobile phone, you can also show the e-ticket in your phone to the cashier.

I have lost or have not received the confirmation e-mail. How can I present my ticket now?

In case you have lost or not received your mail, please contact us at info@klimrijk.nl or 0031 (0)40-2556545.

What's the address of Klimrijk Brabant?

Our address is: Klimrijk Brabant Turfweg 9 5504 RL Veldhoven

How do I get to Klimrijk Brabant?

Klimrijk Brabant is easily accessible by car and public transport. See Address & Route for current directions.

Where can I park my car?

Klimrijk Brabant has sufficient paid parking space right next to the park.