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Klimmen Netten Adventure

Newest attraction Klimrijk officially opened by enthusiastic children

March 14, 2022, 8:38 AM

Klimrijk Brabant was allowed to open its doors again on Wednesday, which meant that the new Netten Adventure could be tested for the first time. Several enthusiastic children from Sportstuif Veldhoven after-school childcare were among the first to climb and clamber in the newest attraction of the climbing paradise in Veldhoven.

The Netten Adventure is an eight meter high climbing and clambering attraction, which consists of four different zones. These are accessible via special net tunnels. On the floors, varying between two and eight meters in height, visitors can climb, clamber, jump and play with large balls. Solid ground can be reached again via three slides.

The Nets Adventure was developed in Great Britain. It has become increasingly popular there in recent years, said general manager Huub Wijnen. "The attraction is especially popular because visitors of all ages can enjoy the nets and many activities are possible at high altitudes."

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