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Klimrijk plants 1,400 new trees together with almost a hundred children

March 17, 2022, 8:04 AM

Veldhoven, March 16, 2022 – In honor of Tree Day, almost one hundred students of groups five and six of primary school EigenWijs two hundred trees planted. A total of 1,400 will be placed in the park in Veldhoven.

The first tree was planted by acting general manager Marcel Strijks together with Carlijn Elias, teacher of group 6b of primary school EigenWijs. The new trees will replace 250 spruces that had to be cut down last year because of an infection by the typesetter, a species of beetle. Successful day Marcel Strijks looks back on a successful day: "It was a great pity that the spruce forest was damaged by the typesetter, but that has ensured that we were able to organize this beautiful day in collaboration with primary school EigenWijs."

Carlijn Elias is also very enthusiastic: "We are happy that we can go out with the students again, since this was not possible for a long time because of corona. contributes to a positive group feeling."

Nets Adventure After planting trees, the students played in the playground and in the Netten Adventure, an eight-meter high climbing and clambering attraction, which consists of four different zones.

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