Klimrijk Brabant is open on a limited basis this winter. Please contact us at info@libemafunfactory.nl or at 088-9000360 for the possibilities.

Klimrijk brabant gps-wandeltocht kinderen

GPS hiking tour school trip

Take a GPS hiking trip on your school trip

With the help of GPS, the class goes on an exciting hiking trip. Along the way, the pupils receive various assignments, questions or riddles. Will they manage to find the end point?

  • 4+ years old
  • From 20 persons
  • Duration 120 minutes
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Do a GPS hiking tour on your school trip

About taking a GPS hiking trip on a school trip

During the GPS hike you and your classmates will find your way through the woods at Klimrijk Brabant. Solve the questions, assignments and riddles along the way. Can you find the end point?

Practical information

During your hike through the beautiful woods of Veldhoven, you'll use a Global Positioning System or GPS. This is a small device that’s connected to satellites. This way you know where you are on earth.

Klimrijk brabant meisjes gps-wandeling

Options & prices

During the GPS hiking trip you go exploring in the words at Klimrijk Brabant. Including:

  • entrance

  • use of GPS

  • 2-hour hiking route

Price: € 5.50 p.p. (possible from a minimum of 20 children)