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Almost 400 scouts are climbing at Klimrijk Brabant in Veldhoven

March 14, 2022, 1:23 PM

Just under four hundred scouts, between the ages of seven and eleven, enjoyed themselves high in the trees at Klimrijk Brabant on Saturday 12 March. It is the fifth time that Klimrijk Brabant organizes this day for the association.

The scouts were active among the trees all day long. “This originated from an initiative of one of the employees who is also active in scouting. Five editions ago, he suggested the idea of ​​inviting scouting groups from the region to come and climb”, says acting general manager Marcel Strijks. “In the meantime, this is already the fifth edition and every time we see more registrations pouring in. It is fantastic to see so many scouts going up into the trees again and again.” Climbing courses At Klimrijk Brabant there are five courses, each with its own degree of difficulty. The length of the routes varies from 110 to 200 meters and the height of the routes varies from two to ten meters in the air. During the routes, visitors are faced with fifty different obstacles to choose from. The pico trail is available for children under 1.30 meters and from the age of four: three different routes with a total of 25 different obstacles.

In addition, since 2021 there is the Netten Adventure, an eight-meter high climbing and clambering attraction, which consists of four different zones. These are accessible via special net tunnels. On the floors, varying between two and eight meters in height, visitors can climb, clamber, jump and play with large balls. The solid ground can be reached again via three slides.

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